Updated, 4K-capable Sony PlayStation Neo to ship this year: Report

Updated, 4K-capable Sony PlayStation Neo to ship this year: Report

Sony confirmed that they were indeed working on the PlayStation Neo, a more powerful, 4K-capable alternative to the PlayStation 4. It’s now come to light that the console will actually ship this year.
Various sources have reportedly informed EuroGamer that the updated console is slated for launch this year.
The current generation consoles are at something of a cross-roads. The Xbox One is flailing about and managing to stay afloat while the PS4 is surging further and further ahead in terms of sales.
However, with AMD’s introduction of a new micro-architecture, they’re going to be phasing out older manufacturing techniques, giving Sony and Microsoft a chance to either revamp their console architecture or stick to their ways, at a higher cost.
Sony and Microsoft decided to go with the revamp option. Sony officially confirmed that the Neo is coming this year and Microsoft’s new console, Project Scorpio, is coming in “Holiday 2017.” Both consoles claim to support 4K gaming, but it’s possible that Microsoft will have the more powerful console. At E3, Microsoft boasted that their console will offer 6 teraflops of performance.
Nobody actually knows for a fact if the PlayStation Neo is going to be more or less powerful than the Xbox One, but it will be the console that’s first to market and will probably ship alongside the PlayStation VR headset.
In the long term, it’ll be interesting to see how this decision will impact Sony and Microsoft, especially as Microsoft will have a very good chance to observe the Neo in action, gauge response and adapt accordingly.
Current owners of the PS4 and Xbox One need not worry for Sony and Microsoft have insisted that the current platforms will not be alienated by the introduction of the new hardware.


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