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27 Confidence Hacks Psychology of Attraction

1. Cold Showers
a. Cold showers, or bathing in water that lowers your body temperature has been
known to help athletes overcome their fears and increase their confidence for
years. It’s a form of resilience training. This will also increase your blood
circulation to internal organs, help with maintaining a healthy weight, and is
certainly associated with training your willpower - because taking a cold shower
every morning isn’t easy!
2. Progressive Desensitization
a. This is a big word for slowly getting used to something you’re scared of. Let’s say
you’re afraid of snakes. Here’s the process you would go through to overcome
your fear with progressive desensitization:
i. Look at pictures of snakes on Google Images
ii. Talk about snakes with your friends
iii. Go to a zoo and visit the snake room
iv. Put your hand against the glass window of a snake
v. Find a friend who has a snake and ask to hold the snake in a cage or tank
vi. Hold the snake in your hand
vii. Let the snake wrap itsel…