27 Confidence Hacks Psychology of Attraction

1. Cold Showers
a. Cold showers, or bathing in water that lowers your body temperature has been
known to help athletes overcome their fears and increase their confidence for
years. It’s a form of resilience training. This will also increase your blood
circulation to internal organs, help with maintaining a healthy weight, and is
certainly associated with training your willpower - because taking a cold shower
every morning isn’t easy!
2. Progressive Desensitization
a. This is a big word for slowly getting used to something you’re scared of. Let’s say
you’re afraid of snakes. Here’s the process you would go through to overcome
your fear with progressive desensitization:
i. Look at pictures of snakes on Google Images
ii. Talk about snakes with your friends
iii. Go to a zoo and visit the snake room
iv. Put your hand against the glass window of a snake
v. Find a friend who has a snake and ask to hold the snake in a cage or tank
vi. Hold the snake in your hand
vii. Let the snake wrap itsel…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features

An intriguing report this week suggests that Samsung may be imitating the iPhone range when the Galaxy Note 8 hits the stores. With Samsung having been involved in supplying components for the iPhone series, it is suggested that it has gained inspiration from this process and will ape one of the most distinctive iPhone 7 features. OLED 3D Touch Korean reports suggest that Samsung is working on a pressure-sensitive OLED touch display, and that this could debut in both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8. This 3D Touchscreen will incorporate the 3D Touch functionality that has been part of previous LCD generations, updating it for the contemporary marketplace.

1399156 / Pixabay
Samsung has reportedly already debuted this screen at the Mobile World Congress, although it was obviously not part of the public trade show. Samsung supposedly gave a behind closed doors demonstration of the potential of this device, and it is now believed that it could make its first appearance in the Galaxy Note 8,…

United Airlines CEO explains why the Boeing 747 jumbo jet will soon go away

In January, United Airlines announced that it will expedite the retirement of its fleet of Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets.
United, the last major airline in the US to operate the venerable icon, will retire its fleet by the end of 2017, one year earlier than previously planned. This year, the Chicago-based airline will replace the 747 with new twin-engined Boeing 777-300ER airliners that, along with the 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350, will serve as the future core of United's long-haul fleet. Recently, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz sat down for a one-on-one interview with Business Insider in which he touched upon a broad spectrum of topics including the fate of his fleet of jumbo jets. In the interview, Munoz spoke about the practical considerations behind the retirement of the iconic plane known affectionately as the Queen of the Skies as well as the future of the airline's fleet. Here's an excerpt from that interview: Benjamin Zhang : Recently, United announced that it w…

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Softwares For Windows

Screen recording can be useful when you need to record a how-to video to help someone learn how to use a program, record a game walkthrough, or prepare for a presentationRecord here means you can create a video of whatever you are doing on your desktop, save the recording as a video file and send it to a friend or upload it on YouTube. We’ve featured screen capturing tools before, and you know a few ways to take screenshots on your computer. For something more than just a still image, here are 8 free screen recording programs that will help you record every action you make on your Windows desktop. Free programs at times come with drawbacks or limitations, and watermarks are common in many free screen recording softwares. However, the following list of programs has been tested to not have any watermarks and can export to a file format recognizable to most video editing softwares. 1. Ezvid Ezvid is a screen recorder program that comes with an in-built video editor where you can split …

Former US Secret Service agent may have stolen bitcoins

A Secret Service agent who stole money seized by the government in the investigation of underground drug bazaar Silk Road is now suspected of stealing money in at least two other cases, according to court filings unsealed on Thursday. In the larger of those cases, he is thought to have been behind the theft of about $700,000 worth of Bitcoin from a Secret Service account three months after the agency was urged to block his access, the documents say. Former agent Shaun Bridges pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced in December to nearly six years in prison for stealing more than $800,000 of the crypto currency Bitcoin during the Silk Road investigation. According to an affidavit unsealed Thursday, the Justice Department learned in April 2015 that Bridges might have kept a private cryptographic key giving him access to a Bitcoin wallet with the $700,000 in currency that the Silk Road task force had seized in 2014. The department urged the agency to move the funds elsewhere. “Unfort…

Updated, 4K-capable Sony PlayStation Neo to ship this year: Report

Sony confirmed that they were indeed working on the PlayStation Neo, a more powerful, 4K-capable alternative to the PlayStation 4. It’s now come to light that the console will actually ship this year. Various sources have reportedly informed EuroGamer that the updated console is slated for launch this year. The current generation consoles are at something of a cross-roads. The Xbox One is flailing about and managing to stay afloat while the PS4 is surging further and further ahead in terms of sales. However, with AMD’s introduction of a new micro-architecture, they’re going to be phasing out older manufacturing techniques, giving Sony and Microsoft a chance to either revamp their console architecture or stick to their ways, at a higher cost. Sony and Microsoft decided to go with the revamp option. Sony officially confirmed that the Neo is coming this year and Microsoft’s new console, Project Scorpio, is coming in “Holiday 2017.” Both consoles claim to support 4K gaming, but it’s poss…

Underground DLC: Procedurally generated levels come to The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division got its first paid DLC release earlier this week, featuring some much-needed endgame content. Underground is a PC and Xbox One timed exclusive presently, with PS4 players (the bulk of the game’s player base) gaining access to the DLC in a month’s time. As a PC player of The Division, I’ve been able to take full advantage of the hardware at my disposal, and have been lucky enough to play the best looking version of the game. However, the game has seen a shocking fall in the number of active players since the game’s launch. Underground promises a slew of new content and gear, but will it be enough to bring players back to The Division?

You begin with an above-ground transitional mission. Once you’ve returned to your HQ after beating it, a new door opens next to the Rewards Claim Vendor to a new social place called “The Terminal.” From The Terminal, you will be able to access Underground missions; randomly generated urban dungeons with varying backdrops and visua…