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Sawfish are avoiding extinction by reproducing without sex This is the first time 'virgin births' have been seen in a vertebrate species in the wild.

 A routine DNA study has discovered that endangered female sawfish in Florida are producing offspring without first mating with males.
This 'virgin birth' process is known as parthenogenesis, and has previously been observed in certain shark, snake and fish species living in captivity. But this is the first time scientists have observed asexual reproduction occurring in a wild vertebrate species, which suggests the process could be more common in vertebrates than previously thought. The discovery was made while researchers were examining the DNA of 190 smalltooth sawfish captured in southern Florida to find out if they were regularly breeding with their family members because of their smallpopulation size. "What the DNA fingerprints told us was altogether more surprising: female sawfish are sometimes reproducing without even mating," said lead author Andrew Fields from Stony Brook University in the US. In fact, one population of sawfish was made up of 3 percent parthen…

9 Super Useful Books On OpenOffice And GIMP

Together, OpenOffice and GIMP represent arguably the most popular of all open source software. Almost every Linux or open source lover uses either of these software at some point. So, here are some books that will let you exploit their full capabilities!

1. Beginning OpenOffice 3: From Novice to Professional

If you want to fly with OpenOffice 3.0, publish to your local wiki, create web presentations, or add maps to your documents, Beginning OpenOffice 3 is the book for you. You will arm yourself with new 3.0 tools, from creating wiki docs to automating complex design steps. OpenOffice has been downloaded almost 100 million times, and this is the book that explains why.

2. Formatting eBooks with Open Office Writer

This guide is designed for formatting eBooks using Open Office Writer version 3.0 and greater. The basic principles in this guide should work equally well with any word processor. These step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and help authors correctly format …

Healthy skin cells harbour a high number of cancer-causing mutations And apparently, it's completely normal.

A quarter of healthy skin cells could harbour cancer-causing mutations resulting from Sun exposure, a new study by researchers in the UK suggests. The finding offers clues about the transition of cells from a healthy to a cancerous state, and demonstrates how normal tissue analysis can provide clues about the origins of the disease.It was previously thought that tumour-forming cell mutations were rare, and occurred just before the onset of cancer.But this latest study, which examined healthy eyelid skin that was removed from four patients during cosmetic surgery, has revealed that these cancer-linked mutations "are staggeringly common in normal skin," one of the team, oncologist Philip Jones from the University of Cambridge, told Tina Hesman Saey at Science News.The researchers performed ultra-deep gene sequencing on 234 biopsies of skin taken from the four patients, who were aged between 55 and 73. They were scanning for 74 known mutations.They found that about 25 percent of…

10 Apps For Best Use Of Ubuntu

Are you switching to Ubuntu or any other Linux product? Then it means more than a change in the operating systems and you must know that. You should know all the apps which will help you in this change. There are a lot of critical apps but we will be sharing 10 of them on which you can rely on.

1. Firefox:

When it comes to a Linux desktop software, there are two categories – everyday use and other uses. So Firefox comes under the category of every day use and it's the most trustworthy among others. It's reliable, safe and also cross-platform. Firefox is great for daily browsing and you can also make bookmarks through Firefox. Firefox performs daily duties like Plex, Zoneminder, router/WAPs and my file server.

2. Parcelite:

If you don't have a good clipboard manager then it's difficult to perform on Ubuntu. And in this category Parcelite is the best option for GNOME desktop. It's simple, easily accessible, and it includes everything like white space handling. There are …

15 Upcoming Linux-Friendly Single Board Computers Of 2015

Number of SBCs (Single Board Computers) were introduced in 2014. Some new open-spec, community-backed SBC gained lot of popularity last year. Most of these SBCs were powered by Linux or Android. Raspberry Pi was hit the market for a while.

Single Board Computers with high specs are available in the market. Some SBCs come with new quad and octa core CPU boards with more memory, built-in WiFi and extra features. The most growth was under $50 segment. Developers prefer open-source boards for prototyping. Today we have listed top fifteen hacker-friendly SBCs that you should look forward to in 2015.

1. A20-OLinuXino-Micro:

This is a dual-core OLinuXino model, and it is powered by 1 GHz A20 processor coupled with 1GB DDR3 RAM and Mali-400 GPU. The board comes with pre-loaded Android and it supports optional flash drive of 4GB which comes at extra cost of $14. The board supports 1080p video output. A20-OLinuXino-Micro is priced at $67.

2. Arduino TRE:

Arduino has gained tremendous popularity last…

Top 10 Reasons Why Java Programming Language Is A Must!

Java, considered one of the best programming languages ever, has so many reasons to become the favourite among developers. Java's popularity has been growing immensely and with new versions, performance has kept improving and Android app development has been made easier. In terms of job opportunities too, Java is the best language to learn. So here we will discuss the top ten reasons why Java language should be learnt anyhow, without any miss.

Reason #1:

Java is the programming language which can be learnt in the easiest way possible. Java's syntax is fluent and it makes it easy to read Java programme and learn it faster than other languages. If the learner gets familiar with installing JDK and setting up PATH, then it's easy to write programme in Java.

Reason #2:

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language and it also helps to keep system modular and flexible. If the key concept of OOPS is clear to you, then Java can help with its best practices and design patterns. Java …

Here Are 10 Big Data Jobs With Whopping Salaries!

Big data is certainly the talk of the town lately! It is one of the fast growing technologies that can help you get jobs with the tech biggies. More and more firms now believe that big data will help businesses make better decisions in the days to come (some believe it's already started). There is a definite surge in demand for people who can collect, organise and interpret big data.

1.Data warehouse manager

Skills required: in-depth background in database theory and practice; hands-on experience in data warehousing tools and architecture; strong analytic abilities; project management experience; technical proficiency in database languages and applications etc.

Starting salary: $115,250 to $154,250

2.Data architect

Skills required: planning and coordinating data resources, working knowledge of network management, application architecture, and performance management etc.

Starting salary: $111,750 to $153,750

3.Database manager

Skills required: in-depth understanding of all aspects of datab…

Five Reasons Why Big Data Will Be A Huge Hit In 2015!

Big Data has been one of the trending topics over last few years. Better yet, some companies have gained expertise in it. However there is still confusion about how to unlock business potential using Big Data. We are expecting to see companies explore and grab expertise in multiple domains related to Big Data in this year. Let’s take a look at five reasons why 2015 will be a hot year for Big Data.

1. Security Analyst:

Analysts have played a key role in detecting and preventing threats last year. According to a recent survey, organization detects about the security attack after 200 days. Attackers get to access the victim’s network for over 200 days. In most cases, victim is informed about the attack by someone outside their organisation. Data Analysts need to be more aware and productive in order to spot the unusual event patterns and to prevent these security attacks. With the fast growing IT industry, network frauds are easy to spot but they are constantly changing. It is challenging …

15 Great Free Android Tutorials

Android Programming language utilizes specialized form of Java. Android is known to be a software stack consisting of an operating system, key applications and middle-ware. It is ideal for different kinds of mobiles and tablets. that provide a detailed description of all the aspects of an Android App along with the capabilities of an Android platform. Please refer to the links below-

1. Official Developer Tutorial – This is made by the android community and open source developers. It is a getting started tutorial designed for beginner developers.

2.Official Developer Tutorials Community - This is created by android community and is designed for experienced developers.

3.Tutorial by Lars Vogel -This is free single page web based tutorial created by Lars Vogel.

4.Android Tutorials By Core Servlets - This site consists of a series of android tutorial with exercise for each section. It also has some other good Java related tutorials for free.

5.Android Hive – This is a android tutorials blog b…

Top 8 Android Apps To Automate Tasks!

We live in a tech era where we want everything to be automated. With the versatility of Android and open source, it has become possible too. Number of Android apps are already available that makes this possible. There are limitless things that you can do with Android devices. Power users often tend to use apps that automate the task. Most of these apps are available for free. Today we have listed 8 such apps that can automate your day-to-day activities.
1. SkipLock :
This is a leading password storing app that offers reliability and great user experience to users. The app offers great features to every Android device and users. The app is designed to skip the lockscreen when you are connected to custom configured WiFi network or Bluetooth device. You can even unlock the smartphone by connecting it to paired Bluetooth smartwatch, headset or a car.
2. TOT (Turn Of Text) :
This app promotes safe driving to users. You can set the speed limit and once the speed limit of your vehicle exceeds, t…

10 Tips And Tricks For Android Lollipop!

Google launched Android v5.0 Lollipop last year. The update brought many important changes to Google’s open source mobile platform. Google has added many new features and shortcuts. Everything on the Android has changed with the new UI based on Material design language. Let’s take a look at top 10 tips and shortcuts for Android v5.0 Lollipop. 
1. Settings Search Bar
Settings menu in Android Lollipop has its own search bar. This may look like very minor addition but it comes handy at times. For example, if you are looking for specific network settings and you don’t know where to look for, you can simply search for network and find out your needed setting in matter of seconds. This one minor addition has increased the efficiency of Lollipop to high extent.
2. Swipe With Two Fingers
Lollipop has redesigned notification bar. You can simply swipe down once from top of your screen to look at notifications and swipe down more to access quick settings. However, if you swipe with two fingers of on…

Want To Hack Into Your Android-Powered Smartphone? Here Are 10 Neat Tips!

A lot of tech savvy users like to play around with their smartphones. From editing your lock screen to using your phone to perform other activities, your smartphone can be used for all of them. Here are a few fun hacks that can come in handy! 

1.Force reboot

-Press Power Button + Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously, and you can reboot your Android smartphone in case it's frozen. 

2.Quick Google Access

Did you know that Android smartphones provide an easy way to access Google search in just a single click.

-Press menu key, hold it for couple of seconds and you'll have Google search ready for all your search needs. 

3.Reboot Android in safe mode

Android versions jelly bean and upwards provide an option to reboot in safe mode.

To reboot in safe mode:

-Long press the power button

-Long press on the power off option

Users will be prompted to confirm a reboot in safe mode

The trick will disable all the 3rd party applications on your device, and is particularly helpful when either of thes…

Don’t Be Google..!!!!!!

Dear Google: what happened? Android sales are falling. Chrome has become a bloated hog. Analysts are calling you the new Microsoft, or, much worse, “the new Yahoo!” And most damning of all: you have squandered our trust. You used to be special, Google. Or at least we used to believe you were special. But you seem more and more like just another megacorporation.

Does that sound harsh? Consider the Zoe Keating kerfuffle:

YouTube gave Keating a take-it-or-leave contract, some terms of which were unacceptable to her. Some of the terms were also pretty hard to understand […] As YouTube now explains it — following a public debate following Keating’s blog post — Keating has a relatively simple choice […] These responses go against descriptions of the agreement presented to Keating (and transcribed by her) by YouTube previously, and presumably represent an update to the contract’s terms.At best, Google is guilty of incredibly confusing and heavy-handed communication, something they have long be…

New app lets you control exactly how much energy each appliance uses

Australia's national science organisation, the CSIRO, has developed a new app that lets you remotely keep track of exactly how much money you're spending on electricity at any given time - and even lets you monitor and control individual appliances from your phone.
While we can already stay on top of how much electricity our houses are guzzling on a daily basis using smart meters, the new prototype app - which is called 'Eddy' - wants to take things one step further by putting people in control of their power consumption, with the overall aim of saving people money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
Right now the app only works on big devices such as air conditioners and pool pumps, but the developers are hoping that in the future they'll be able to take it down to the level of monitoring and turning on and off individual lightbulbs.