Here Are 10 Big Data Jobs With Whopping Salaries!

Big data is certainly the talk of the town lately! It is one of the fast growing technologies that can help you get jobs with the tech biggies. More and more firms now believe that big data will help businesses make better decisions in the days to come (some believe it's already started). There is a definite surge in demand for people who can collect, organise and interpret big data.
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1.Data warehouse manager

Skills required: in-depth background in database theory and practice; hands-on experience in data warehousing tools and architecture; strong analytic abilities; project management experience; technical proficiency in database languages and applications etc.

Starting salary: $115,250 to $154,250

2.Data architect

Skills required: planning and coordinating data resources, working knowledge of network management, application architecture, and performance management etc.

Starting salary: $111,750 to $153,750

3.Database manager

Skills required: in-depth understanding of all aspects of database technology, plan information system strategy etc.

Starting salary: $107,750 to $149,000

4.Business intelligence analyst

Skills required: background in all aspects of database technology; experience with database queries, stored procedure writing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and data cube technology, etc.

Starting salary: $101,250 to $142,250

5.Data warehouse analyst

Skills required: research, analysis and problem-solving skills; strong oral and written communication abilities; knowledge of relational database theory etc

Starting salary: $99,000 to $133,750

6.Data modeler

Skills required: excellent data analysis and problem-solving skills along with good communication skills; familiarity with data modeling tools and methodologies; knowledge of database system applications, stored procedures and data warehousing etc.

Starting salary: $97,250 to $134,250

7.Database developer

Skills required: solid understanding of relational database theory and practice etc.

Starting salary: $92,000 to $134,500

8.Portal administrator

Skills required: complex problems analysing and solving skills; knowledge of enterprise web applications, services, systems and supporting technologies etc.

Starting salary: $91,250 to $121,000

9.Database administrator

Skills required: strong foundation in database structure, configuration, installation and practice etc.

Starting salary: $87,500 to $126,000

10.Data analyst/report writer

Skills required: strong analytical, quantitative and problem-solving abilities; thorough knowledge of relational database theory and practice etc

Starting salary: $67,750 and $101,000


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