For Pawan, Shooting Important Than Voting

For Pawan, Shooting Important Than Voting

Actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan skipping to vote in GHMC polls has invited flak from several quarters. Pawan, who came all the way from Kerala stopping the shoot of his film Sardaar to attend a press conference, left to Kerala without voting in the GHMC elections. This definitely left his fans, Jana Sena followers off guard.

Pawan is not just an actor with mass image, he's founder and president of a political party Jana Sena. Pawan himself not voting in GHMC election definitely seen as a wrong step by him. This indeed will send wrong signals to public and his die-hard fans who get inspire from him.

Looks like,shooting for Sardaar Gabbar Singh seems to be important than participating in the voting for Pawan. However, this is not first time for Pawan. Earlier in the past too, he didn't attend the Amaravati foundation ceremony for the shooting of Sardaar in Gujarat.


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