Theatres Full, Polling Booths Dull

Theatres Full, Polling Booths Dull

As it's D-day for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections, several offices - public and private - in the city have shutdown their operations for its employees to participate in voting, the most vital process of democracy. 

Apparently, educated, employees, software engineers and other employees of public offices preferred to go out with families as they got a holiday in form of election day. It's learnt that Cinema theatres were reportedly full whereas the polling booths look deserted.

In prime locations of the city, Kukatpally, Dilsuknagar, the percentage of voting was a bit low. Compared to previous GHMC polls, the participation of voters was relatively low as not even 50% of population of the city haven't exercised their right to vote. Meanwhile, many other chose to go to offices in the morning and wanted to cast their vote in the evening.

Since the percentage of voting was less, major political parties are keeping their fingers crossed as there'd be marginal difference to win the Corporation seats. TRS, TDP-BJP combine, Congress, Lok Satta-CPM-CPI, MIM are all slugging it out to show their strength in city. 


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