Vaani Veena needs 10 crores

Vaani Veena needs 10 crores
Vaani Veena needs 10 crores

A group of London specialists, who analyzed the conjoined twins Vaani Veena prior, have said they will separate the twins effectively by perseveringly observing them for 10 months for 10 crores. They educated the healing center that surgery to divided the twins would cost about Rs 10 crore.
The Telangana Government is considering to pay, it is leant. The Doctors group sent a report of leading surgery to Neiloufer Hospital in Hyderabad. Thusly, the healing center has educated the State government for its further regard.
The Government is talking about the issue and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will take a last call, it is learnt. It might be reviewed here that the group of specialists from London as of late visited the Hospital at the command of the State government. It might be noticed that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao took activity to offer the surgery to guarantee the conjoined twins get differentiated.


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