Rajini’s same title even in telugu


However big the super star might be, one flop just pushes him into fear. Similarly, the same thing happened with rajini kanth.After two continuous flops kochidaayan and linga, rajini is taking extra care for his films kabala and robo 2.0. kabali is being directed by paranjit and rajinikanth is going to be seen as a don once again. A major part of the shot was in Malaysia and that schedule has been recently completed. Now, the team is back to Chennai for the next schedule. This movie is going to be released in both tamil and telugu, tamil title being kabala and telugu was spread to be as mahadeva.
Recently, the telugu poster of this movie has been released by the unit and the surprising part is, the tamil title is given to the telugu version as well. The shoot of this movie is going on in full speed and is going to be released in the month of april. This movie is on its final schedule now and then rajini is going to take part in the shoot of robo 2.0


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