10 Little Joys In A Woman’s Life That Men Will Never Understand

Being a woman is a challenge in this big bad world, and it's not a surprise. From getting all fussed up about split ends to helplessly losing the 'late night ice cream cravings' battle everytime, there's a long list of things that all the women face and have to put up with. And you thought being a woman was an easy task! 
Anyway, there still are some joys in a woman's life that make all of this worth the while. And here are some of them...

1. The sheer ecstasy of finding a pair of earrings that perfectly match your new dress.

2. Or that once-in-a-blue-moon moment when you wake up to a good hair day.

3. When you get smooth and flawless skin after a shave, because you always thought only waxing could do that.

4. When you finally get the shoes you were crushing on in your size.

5. When a skincare product ACTUALLY works out.

6. When you apply the perfect eyeliner in one go. Achievement!

7. When the non-dominant hand does the dominant hand's nailpaint perfectly.

8. When you remove your bra at the end of a long day. *Oh the feels*

9. When that pair of jeans you bought two years back still fits.

10. And when you get an unexpected compliment!

GIF Source: Tumblr


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