Snapchat, A threat to Facebook and Twitter!

Snapchat, A threat to Facebook and Twitter!

"Innovate or die," a golden rule to live by for the Tech business. Snapchat has pulled one such trick under the sleeve and has taken Facebook and Twitter aback. Snapchat has come up with Live Score with geofilters at every NBA arena and some other matches. The feature will overlay real-time score atop the photos and videos being shared. 

Snapchat is working with NFL to roll out live stories form the game and some other innovative feature. The objective of Snapchat is to become the preferred social network for the sports enthusiasts and change the way the sports are enjoyed. It means a great deal of advertisements for Snapchat. 

Last week's 51 games got 20 million views on snapchat. On Twitter or Instagram, repetitive posts of sports game may be irritating and will overshadow other friends' posts, however, Snapchat will not annoy the user with re-shares and repeated updates from the game as it has gone with a pull down method for actively involved users rather than pushing the updates. It condenses all the posts into a single line in the friends' Inbox or Stories list. 


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