Divorced Star Finds Love In A Married Star Kid

Divorced Star Finds Love In A Married Star Kid

Falling in love, dating, marriage, heading for splitsville and again finding love - this seemingly exciting romantic life cycle has become quite a common fad in Bollywood over the past few years. In these times when even the most seasoned star couples are hitting the rocks, here's one amusing rumor about a Bollywood star.

This ultra handsome star, who divorced his beautiful wife sometime back after a blissfully long marriage with two kids turned sour, is reportedly seeing a super hot 41-year-old daughter from am illustrious Bollywood family who is quite famous as a socialite.

The rumors about this much scandalous affair started floating around when the couple was spotted hanging out together in several Bollywood parties over the past few months. Apparently, even the lady's married life isn't going good with her industrialist husband, adding fuel to the fire. 


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