Why Netaji's Ashes were not brought back?

Why Netaji's Ashes were not brought back?

The recently released 'secret files' on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose have revealed a bit about him and he controversy revolving around his death.

One of the file answered the questions to why Indian government refused to bring back the ashes of Netaji from Tokyo.

The 1970's classified documents revealed a correspondence between Intelligence Bureau, home Ministry and External Affairs department regarding the proposal of bringing back Netaji's ashes to India.

The government was not in the favour of the proposal due to possible adverse reactions, as suggested by joint secretary of external affairs ministry NN Jha, from family of Netaji and public as they rejected the reports of death of Bose in 1945 plane crash.

Joint director of IB, TV Tajeswar, also suggested that bringing back the ashes could create complications. Netaji's family, Netaji's party Forward Bloc members refused to recognize the remains and stated that the government would be accused of creating false story taking advantage of Emergency protocol. 


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