Top Director Enters Konaseema Caste Politics

Top Director Enters Konaseema Caste Politics

The Kapunadu movement is gaining steam over the past few months and now, the stage is all set for a huge political showdown in the Konaseema region on the 31st January. Several Kapu leaders are planning a huge commotion to create uncertainty in the AP government and to counter this, Chandrababu and his team are readying their ammunition.

The Kapunadu movement is being spearheaded by former minister Mudragada Padmanabham and rumors are rife in political circles that a major opposition leader is lending his support to this revolt, hoping to earn Kapus' support to take on Babu in the coming polls. Already, the said leader met a veteran Tollywood director belonging to the Kapu community. 

In a counter to this, the ruling party is said to have roped in a leading Tollywood director belonging to Kapu community and from the Konaseema region. Apparently, this director has been approached to counter the 31st January revolt by voicing about the Babu government's various developmental schemes to the Kapus.

In the 2014 election campaign, Babu promised to include Kapus in the BCs and also pave red carpet to the Kapu leaders in his cabinet, including the Deputy CM post. Keeping his promise, Babu made Nimmakayala Chinarajappa as his Deputy and he was in talks with law experts regarding the inclusion of Kapus in the BCs. 


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