Secret Behind Manmadhudu Eiffel Tower Episode

Secret Behind Manmadhudu Eiffel Tower Episode

Released in December 2002, Nagarjuna's Manmadhudu was a huge blockbuster and the film's Paris episodes shot on Nag, Sonali Bendre and Brahmanandam still entertain the comedy lovers. The Paris sequence also has a few soothing romantic scenes featuring Nag and Sonali.

In one of the crucial sequences, the film's unit planned to shoot on the iconic structure and the wonder of world, the Eiffel Tower. When they approached the authorities for permission, they apparently refused stating security reasons.

However, the team figured out and smart trick and told the security officialsl that they were only shooting for a documentary about the Eiffel Tower and that it is a non commercial project. Convinced by this, the officials gave them the necessary permission, but only allowed Nag, Sonali, director Vijayabhaskar and cinematographer Sameer Reddy for the shoot. Well, that's the secret behind Manmadhudu's Eiffel Tower episode, folks! 


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