School bus driver on trial for raping 11-year-old girl


RIYADH: The driver of a school bus has been charged with raping an 11-year-old girl student three times in house at Kindra neighborhood in Jeddah. The prosecution has sought the death penalty for the driver for abduction and sexual assault.
Local media reported, quoting sources, that the accused was previously convicted of charges of impersonating others and was sentenced with prison, flogging and deportation.
The headmistress of an elementary school in Jeddah reported the rape incident, saying the victim was raped on three different occasions by the driver, who transports female students. She said the victim was afraid to tell her family.
The investigation confirmed the driver raped the girl and threatened her if she disclosed the matter to anyone.
The headmistress convinced the girl to talk after noticing her behavior had changed and she looked nervous. The girl then narrated the incident to her and said she did not tell her family for fear of being punished.
The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution obtained the laboratory tests which the criminal evidence department acquired at the scene of the crime, in addition to blood samples of the victim and the criminal. The evidence proved the accused committed the crime.


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