Sailaja Sent Ram To Hong Kong

Sailaja Sent Ram To Hong Kong

With back-to-back debacles since his 2011 super hit film Kandireega, Energetic Star Ram was under a huge pressure to come out of the regular commercial potboilers and prove himself with Nenu Sailaja. Released on 1st January, Nenu Sailaja gave Ram his much needed break after 4 long years.

Relieved from the years long stress at last, Ram is now reportedly off to Hong Kong, where he is unwinding himself along with a bunch of cousins and friends. While this short holiday will revitalize Ram before he commences his next, he is also utilizing the most from this getaway by shopping for his wardrobe for his next project.

While Ram's immediate project has not been announced officially, sources say that the Energetic Star is so impressed with Kishore Tirumala, the director who helmed Nenu Sailaja, that he asked his uncle Sravanthi Ravi Kishore to rope in Kishore for his next film as well.

Apparently, Ravi Kishore gave the director a handsome cheque in advance and told him to take his time but come up with yet another solid script for Ram. 


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