Rebel star praises Nani


If yester year actors or actresses praise the latest movies, there is no bigger appreciation than that. This is because they consider only movies of their time as great. Such an appreciation was gained by natural star nani for his movie bale bale magadivoy. Rebel star krisham raju said that the movie which he loved the most in recent times was bale bale magadivoy and also said that Nani, despite being such a big hero dared to choose a character like that. He also said that would not have chosen if such a character was given to him at his time.
He said that his films evade subrahmanyam and rudrama devi he acted last year have given him utmost satisfaction and rudrama devi character in evade subrahmanyam will be his favourite. Talking about prabhas, he said that there is a script ready for prabhas and he wants to direct it in gopi Krishna movies banner but told here is no confirmation when it would start as prabhas is busy with baahubali-2 presently.


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