Facebook Heroine Enters Tollywood

Facebook Heroine Enters Tollywood

Gone are the days when aspiring actors had to literally visit every film office and studios to grab that one chance. Especially, the process used to be quite hard and fearful for wannabe actresses, with shady people always on the prowl to exploit their innocence and desperation.

Now, with the advent of internet, social networking sites are acting as the bridges between the actors and the film's units. The latest girl to be lucky enough to grab a heroine offer in Tollywood through social media is the Raj Tarun's Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu heroine Arthana Binu.

This Mallu teen beauty was spotted on Facebook by the film's casting director and the next minute she landed in Hyderabad for an audition and eventually grabbed the role. Apparently, Arthana was already making several rounds across the production houses in Kerala for film roles.

In the past, Anisha Ambrose, the Vizag beauty who missed romancing Pawan in Sardaar, and most recently, New Zealand starlet Latha Hegde of Nara Rohith's upcoming film Tuntari also grabbed heroine offers after their photographs were spotted on Facebook. 


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