Cheap And Safe Last Mile Connectivity For Women, Bikxie Pink - A Bike Taxi By Women, Driven By Women Begins In Gurgaon

A few days back amidst all the #OddEven commotion, I wondered how will bikes will be affected in coming times. Even more what if bikes can be used with commercial plates for services which are already using it for commercial purposes.
bikxie begins

Well, the Motor Vehicle Act never had the provision for something like that but that has changed since Haryana made amendments to its transport laws to include two-wheelers that are used for commercial purposes. One of the major hassles of Millenium City Gurgaon - the last mile connectivity - has lessened ever since with many bike taxi services operating in the region now.
And now the latest addition to the chaos is the new startup Bikxie, which has an added advantage to itself. Bikxie which began services few weeks back with Bikxie Blue (bikes with male riders) has now added Bikxie Pink to its range.

What is Bikxie Pink?


Pink offers bike-cabs only for women with only women riders chauffeuring them around town.
The whole concept is the brainchild of Divya Kalia and her husband Mohit Sharma. The Bikxie Blue service is only for male commuters and if you are a women you will be able to locate Pink scooty cabs from the app.
Bikxie Pink was officially inaugurated by Indian academic, writer and women’s rights activist, Professor Madhu Purnima Kishwar on January 20, in Gurgaon.
The service charges Rs 10 for first two kms and Rs 5 extra for every km ahead; which is dirt cheap compared to other transport options in Gurgaon. Bikxie's app also comes with an SOS button to ensure safety of the passengers. The service runs between 8 am and 6 pm and will take you to all corners of Gurgaon.
Metro cities have not yet seen such bike-cabs because they are yet to amend their traffic laws but Divya hopes to launch the services soon in Bengaluru and Delhi.


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