Bose SoundTrue Ultra review: Sterling performance, but a bit heavy on pocket

The Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones are available at a price of Rs 11,138.

Amidst all the hustle bustle of our daily lives, most of us find an escape in music to relax and spend some time with ourselves. And a good pair of earphones makes the experience a delight! Bose’s SoundTrue Ultra, with active noise cancellation, prove to be one such brilliant option.
Bose SoundTrue UltraBose SoundTrue Ultra
Designed like an average Bose in-ear headphones, the SoundTrue Ultra come bundled with three sets of silicone ear tips, in three different sizes, for effective noise isolation. A handy little zip pouch also comes along with it.
Bose SoundTrue UltraBose SoundTrue Ultra
Bose SoundTrue UltraBose SoundTrue Ultra
The earphones sport a 3-button remote with microphone, for call and track control. These earphones come in two different models, one that is compatible with Android products, and one that works with all Apple devices.
The Bose SoundTrue Ultra offers a sterling performance with a crisp and sharp audio, which makes you feel closer to music. The three different sizes of the ear tips ensure that the earphone fits in well into your ears, and a little extended tail of these silicon ear tips, that fit into the curl of your ear keeps them from falling off every now and then. The earphones have a brilliant base, and the treble is well extended.
Bose SoundTrue UltraBose SoundTrue Ultra
The only potential problem we found with the earphone is its price tag. Although the SoundTrue Ultra offer a quality performance, the tag of Rs 11,138, makes it slightly out of budget for many people.
Having said that, once you have put the headphones on, they fit properly and do not pop out of your ears every other minute. The mouldable ear hooks hold the ear plugs in quite well. We used these earphones while a workout, while travelling, at work, and before sleeping. We had them on almost all day, and the bass, the treble and the dynamics of the headphones have kept us happily on the groove! Our verdict on the Bose SoundTrue Ultra is absolutely positive, and we would say if this suits your pocket, these are a good investment for both audiophiles and casual music listeners.


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