Actress says Baahubali Is A Stupid Film

Actress says Baahubali Is A Stupid Film

India's biggest motion picture Baahubali wowed millions of film lovers in India and abroad. The film's monstrous box-office success and its achievement in placing Tollywood on global map with its technical excellence is a matter of pride to every Telugu film lover.

But here's one actress whose detest for Baahubali has surprised everyone. Today, yesteryear Telugu heroine Jamuna stated that she stopped watching Telugu films since several years ago and that she recently watched Baahubali. "I watched Baahubali, it's a stupid film," said the senior heroine.

Jamuna further said that Baahubali's only achievement is it's technical values and nothing else and continued her criticism saying, "except its hero, Baahubali had a very poor casting. Anushka should have been made the heroine."

The actress was in no mood to be nice to the present days' films either. "Films these days are only about how many villains the heroes beat up to pulp and how well the heroines exposed on the screen," fired the senior actress. 


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