New World Record - Team All out for 3 Runs

New World Record - Team All out for 3 Runs

A cricket team from Birmingham Cricket League have written its name in history of cricket after bowling out their opponents for a staggering THREE runs.
A Perry Barr cricket team Pioneers A’s Sunday
performance against Pak Pakhtoon have stunned the world as well as created a record for their league and may be a world record. This performance will be written in history of cricket and the glory goes to all players of Pioneers. Sunday in Birmingham Cricket League’s match of division 2 they bowled out their opponent Pak Pakhtoon in just 40 minutes and within 13 overs.
This a also broke the previous record of the league which was created by Friend XI, six years ago,  when they bowled out Unique Star for nine runs.
Pioneer batman Imran Majid said: “When we rang the league, they didn’t believe us. We had to take the scorecard round to the chairman.”
Last month, a news also made a blast that a Cheshire league team Hasling bowled out their opponent team Wirral FC for three runs. That was taken as a world record.
But about that Imran said That was village cricket, where sons, fathers and grandfathers can play in the same team. I really don’t know how competitive it was.”
Despite of a nursing injury their blaster bowler Khalid Sadiq took 7 wickets in just 7 overs and the other three wickets were taken by their bowler Mazar Ali.
In their innings pioneers scored 173 runs for loss of eight wickets in 40 overs and highest scorer was Jannaid(43).
But Pak Pakhtoon started their innings after tea at 5:30 pm and on their way back at 6:10.
From the three runs which is the total score of Pak Pakhtoon 2 runs was made by Imtiaz and Zafar Ali, both made 1 run each. And the other 1 run was an extra which came from a “no ball”. The rest of their batsman all got out for 0 runs.
Imran said “Pak Pakhtoon are not a bad side, In fact, we were worried after finding out in the previous game that one of their batsman got 199, One of our players, Janaid Khan, travelled from London and was worried about catching the train back, It was just one of those games where everything clicked”
After he asked that how will they follow and keep up this form he said “How will we follow that? We never will, probably. At the end, we didn’t say anything to the opposition because we thought they might be embarrassed, but, to be fair, they were very supportive.They came over to us and said how amazing it was”
The vice chairman Amzad Aziz when asked for some comments about the performance of pioneers he described their performance as a “Freak”
He said It’s a major surprise because only two weeks ago Pak Pakhtoon scored 300 runs and one person got over 190. It was just a freak set of circumstances”
Pak Pakhtoon players are really shattered and depressed about their defeat and laying low after the match. But they are sure they will overcome this disaster and will be shine again.


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