Can You Spot The Perverts In These 20 Photos?

Peeping toms, lecher, an opportunist- naam anek, insaan ek- A pervert. 'Chepad' in Delhi language. We've all had our fair share of pervs. That one person taking a sneak peak at your mobile phone/cleavage/your face/anything you do. Well, it's time to play detective and nab the pervs in these pics.
Mind you, they act very stealthily. Like a ninja. A horny ninja, that is. So pull out your magnifying glasses, ladies and gentlemen. It's your time to play Sherlock.

1. Aperture khula hai Zara focus kar loon.

Source: Ochepyatki

2. Raj agar yeh tujhse pyaar karti hai, toh yeh palat ke dekhegi...Palat..

Source: Guida

3. Lalit Modi getting hit wicket.

Source: Bhaskar

4. Damn! Those headlines!

Source: Metro

5. So Hillary-ious!

Source: Kymx

6. Wanna come under my umbrella?

Source: Hollywood life

7. Atithi chedo bhava .

Source: Reckon talk

8. Look ma! I'm on TV! Wait..Wow!

Source: Brimtime

9. Spread some love.

Source: mmm

10. Must..Make..Effort.

Source: Latrola

11. Thank you madam. Aapne meri aankhein khol di.

Source: Spoki

12. Pervert level- Ninja.

Source: Lolsht

13. Control..Control..Control..Oh fuck.

Source: Taringa

14. Meri aankhon ki roshni waapas aa gayi!

Source: Chuck's Fun

15. Swiggity Swooty, I'm coming for that booty.

Source: Likeni

16. Some dedicated journalists, doing a 'backstory'.

Source: Trinixy

17. Although I know what they are, lemme just cross check.

Source: Krimineel

18. Muh toh band karo uncle.

Source: Huffington Post

19. No wonder Pakistan lost.

Source: Campus ghanta

20. Will they..I mean, will you go to the prom with me?

Source: Matterdome

Hope you were able to find them all. This training of yours will help you track more perverts. Over and out.


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