10 Words that every student should know

10 Words that every student should know

Listed below are a few words that every student can add to their vocabulary: 
Brusque: Short and abrupt
Usage: His brusque dismissal offended the clients.
Cajole: To urge
Usage: She manages to cajole the restaurant manager into giving her discount.
Erudite: Learned
Usage: John received 90% marks for this erudite thesis.
Exasperation: A feeling of annoyance
Usage: In exasperation, the coach refused to put him in the game.
Flabbergasted: Astounded
Usage: Teena was flabbergasted when the doctors told her that she was expecting triplets.
Gluttony: Overindulgence in food or drink
Usage: She engaged in gluttony quite often.
Impeccable: Exemplary, flawless
Usage: He belonged to France, yet he spoke impeccable English.
Jabber: To talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
Usage: The editor fired her; she rarely worked, kept jabbering all day on phone.
Jostle: Make one's way by pushing or shoving
Usage: "Stop Jostling!", screamed the girl at the metro station.
Malleable: Easily influenced
Usage: Had the villagers been literate, they would have been less malleable to what the landlords said.


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