Alcohol, Cigarettes And Ganja: Which States In India Spend The Most On Getting High

Here's a look at how different states spend on drinking, smoking cigarettes, or simply getting stoned. 


1. Mizoram:

2. Meghalaya:

3. Manipur:

4. Kerala:

5. Nagaland:


1. Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Sikkim.

3. Andhra Pradesh.

4. Himachal Pradesh.



1. Orissa.

2. Bihar.

3. Haryana.

4. Rajasthan. 

5. Kerala.

While this National Sample Survey conducted by the federal government published in The Wall Street Journal tries to ascertain the average expenditure on intoxicating substances in the country, the black market trade of alcohol and ganja in India might mean that it is much higher.


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