12 Of The Most Ridiculously Expensive Lingerie Ever Made

1. Susan Rosen Diamond Bra: INR 132,58,89,000

2. Red Hot Fantasy Bra - INR 99,44,16,750

3. The Heavenly Star Bra: INR 82,86,80,625

4. The Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra: INR 82,86,80,625

5. The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra: INR 72,91,89,450

6. Heavenly 70s Fantasy Bra: INR 66,28,99,500

7. Royal Fantasy Bra: INR 66,28,99,500

8. Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra: INR 43,08,84,675

9. Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra: INR 33,14,72,250

10. Holiday Fantasy Bra Set: INR 29,83,04,775

11. Anamika Khanna’s ORRA diamond bustier: INR 8,61,58,085

12. Shenyang City’s Gold Lingerie: INR 17,23,800

This lingerie set was designed by around 4 craftsmen and took four months to complete. The set was crafted from 950g of pure gold.


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