WhatsApp iPhone Last Seen Hider, Share Music on iPhone Whatsapp

As you all know, using WhatsApp in iPhone is really annoying in comparison to the android users, in terms of sharing music. But a new tweak, WhatsApp Ultimate will help you to do a lot of features which a android user or window phone user cant.

This tweak will help you to do the following things-
  • Share Music from your iPhone
  • Hide WhatsApp Last Seen time stamp i.e. Freeze the time stamp to a particular date.
  • Enable non-delivery receipt, it will let you receive messages but the other user wont get delivery ticks.
  • Custom text color
This tweak will work on all iPhone prior it should be Jailbroken. If you think jailbreaking will make your iPhone hang/laggy, kindly forget it and do jailbreak your iPhone now.

Also many users were complaining and writing email to WhatsApp developers to include the Share Music option, but none was listening. So here with this tweak you will be able to do it right now without anything else.


  • Jailbroken iDevice
  • iFile

How to Install-

  1. Download the File from bottom of this page.
  2. Once, downloaded, install it using iFile.
  3. Install iFile from Cydia.
  4. Tap on the downloaded file and open with iFile
  5. Tap on Installer.
  6. Reboot your Device
Now, you can set all your settings you need from the WhatsApp Ultimate option available in your iPhone Settings.


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