Ranadeep Hooda loses 18 Kgs in 28 days


Randeep Hooda has a good name as a talented hero who is always ready to do anything for his commitments. He has a good name as a hero of the directors. His commitment is so strong that, he not only lost his 6 pack, but became like a skeleton.
There is a biopic being made on the life of sarabjit singh as a prisoner in Pakisthan jail for 23 years. This movie is being directed by the national award winner Omang Kumar. He thought that randeep Hooda is apt for the character and there is also a need to show different variations in the movie. so, randeep hoda is living on water from many days and not only lost his fat, but also became like a skeleton. He has lost 18 kilos in 28 days. He is being shown in different variations in the movie as a prisoner. There is a lot of response from the Bollywood fans.


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