Rakul Preet Singh to sell vegetables


For social service, we keep doing different things. Similarly even for some reality shows, heroines and heros have to do somethings which are unique. Similar need has come to rakul preet singh. Her tweet has attracted everybody on twitter.
It has become a big sensation when rakul preet singh posted that she is going to sell vegetables in KPHB. After reading the whole tweet, people got to understand that. She tweeted “I will b at KPHB market opp Manjeera mall sellin vegetables 4 lakshmis show #memusaitham.lts change lives come buy vegetables from me.10am”. The thought is innovative, but who will save us from the traffic jam? The fans retweeted. Nenu Saitham is an innovative program by Gemini tv and Manchu Lakshmi is the host for this program. Programs with celebrities is quite normal but making them sell vegetables is new. How far will it be successful must be seen.


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