Negative Sentiment Worrying Chiru Fans

Negative Sentiment Worrying Chiru Fans

Megastar Chiranjeevi's 150th film is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated project for mega fans as well as normal movie goers, irrespective of what subject will Chiru pick for the landmark venture. 

While some fans are opposing Chiru's decision of remaking Kaththi, others are not worried of this and only thing they want is to see their matinee idol on screen. The milestone project of megastar is facing various issues, even before it hit sets.

Now, mega fans are worried about a sentiment. In his almost 4 decade career, Chiranjeevi had played dual roles in various films, out of which most of them were flops such as Andarivadu, Mugguru Monagallu, Sneham Kosam, Nakili Manishi, Shivudu shivudu shivudu, Simhapuri Simham, Rikshavodu etc. Mega fans are hoping the sentiment should not repeat for Kaththi remake, where Chiru will be playing dual roles.

Keeping aside sentiments, films with good and entertaining subjects will always do well at box office. Donga Mogudu and Rowdy Alludu of Chiru's multi role films marked hits. So, mega fans should not agonize about this 'sentiment'.

As of now, Chiru is not considering any factors and is moving ahead with the project. He has told his writers to complete the script work in a month days, so that he can start the movie in March. The film to be directed by VV Vinayak will not be scene-to-scene copy from the original, since the writers are making many modifications to script and are also changing the thief role completely. 


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