Justin Bieber Joins James Corden for Not Quite Carpool Karaoke

The conceit of this not-exactly Carpool Karaoke is that James Corden is driving back to the studio after the Grammys to do The Late Late Show. Joining him for the ride is Justin Bieber, who's now Corden's buddy after two prior Carpool Karaokeappearances.
Obviously, this was filmed before the Grammys, as they only talk in generalities and they say Adelewas great, which we know isn't true, and don't mention Biebs' first-ever Grammy win. They also didn't sing very much, just a little bit of Record of the Year winner "Uptown Funk" (which Bieber seems to only sort of know) and The Late Late Show theme song. It's mostly dedicated to goofing off: Bieber, who is genuinely a funny dude (ever see hisdeposition?), puts lotion on Corden's face, calls Grammys host LL Cool J a "real, real stud" and goes through his goodie bag -- which, naturally, is much better than Corden's.


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