Hidden Facebook Chat Tricks and Secrets 2016

Facebook Chat Secret Tips and Tricks 2016

As we are very much aware that, Facebook has been the largest social network now-a-days on the web, and while Mark Zuckerberg has made plenty of great calls in its design, but still I think the way people use it isn’t as streamlined as it could have been!
Facebook is the best social networking site to stay in touch with your closed ones, family, friends, and even your loved ones! Isn’t it? Of course, no one would deny on that. So let’s get an overlook on some better Facebook chatting tips to make your virtual world more better! Here are some important Facebook chat tips, which would help you to do the chat with your friends and closed ones more efficiently, more interestingly.
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Check who is online being offline in FB Chat: 
By default Facebook does not allow this facility, but here is some good news for you…! You can find that out by using a simple application. Onlinenow is such an application, by which you can secretly find out to, who is online now, even being offline!  Isn’t that interesting!
Text Upside down in Facebook Chat:
This is another amazing app, by which you can make your facebook chat more interesting!
By using link given below, you can send your text easily by making it upside down.Go toupsidedowntext and enter your text here, copy the upside down text from there, and then paste it in your facebook chat box. I bet, your friends will be amazed…! And further, you can also send bubble text, which option you will find in the above link itself. So, now make your chat  funnier and amazing.
Facebook Smiley Codes:
Yes many of you might be aware of smiley codes and you also might be using these codes in your daily chat. But still here are some additional smiley codes, which you might not be aware.
Facebook hidden secret chat codes
Use these different moods in your chat, and fill your chat with emotions!
Keep Facebook Chat Chatlog :
If you are a fan of logging chat histories with your instant messengers, then you must be disappointed to know that Facebook doesn’t allow any of that. But do not worry my friend, because Mozilla Firefox has this add-on option, that helps you to capture your chat efficiently.
Here’s how to install the add-on. First, install the Firefox extension from here:https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12338. Once installed, you need to create your account. You can do that by visiting this site: http://apps.facebook.com/firechm/
Go ahead and click Login or Allow so that the program has access to your Facebook account.Of course, you have to be chatting in Facebook while within Firefox and with this add-on enabled, but I think it’s the best solution I’ve seen out there to this point. You can view the chat history either online or offline, which is quite nice.
Setup Facebook Chat In i-Chat (For Mac Users) :
For Mac OS Users, who wants to chat without logging on to Facebook every time, this is a great tip for you.It is now possible to connect to Facebook Chat through a desktop clientusing the Jabber protocol. Start by opening up iChat, then go to the iChat menu and select “Preferences.” In the Accounts tab, click the plus button (+) and enter the following settings:
Account Type: Jabber
Account Name: [username]@chat.facebook.com
Password: Your Facebook password
Server: chat.facebook.com
Port: 5222
Uncheck “Use SSL” if it is checked.
Finally, click is  Done, and a new buddy list should appear with all your Facebook friends. It should also sort them into the correct groups if you have set them up in Facebook. It is the best feature of Mac Os users.
Get Facebook chat box on desktop :
By using any of the following apps, you can now get facebook chat list on your desktop without going to facebook : GabtastikAdiumchitchatMeebo.
* Always remember to remove any unused Facebook application, which either you are not using anymore or which you installed but didn’t like.
Forward Facebook Chat messages to other Friends:
There are a number of reasons you may need to forward chat messages, but very few people realise that it’s in fact possible. To do it, go to your, Facebook Messages screen and highlight a conversation with a particular friend.
how to forward facebook chat messages
 In the top right, there’s a menu with a gear icon and “Actions“. Click on that and choose “Forward Messages“, then you’ll be able to choose which items of the full chat history to forward.You can forward these to either a Facebook user or an email address.
Turning on Chat for one particular Friend & off line for others:
Now instead of going offline for all of your friends this option will help you in avoiding the friend whom you don’t want to chat with. To make changes to your Facebook Chat settings, head to the bottom right of your Facebook Chat and click on the gear icon, choosingAdvanced Settings. From there, you’ll be able to either enter friends you DO want to chat to or friends you DON’T want to chat to. You can also turn off the chat sounds if they are irritating you.
turn off chat for facebook friends tricks
Facebook Chat Magical Codes:
And at the end, here are some magical Facebook chat codes for you, which will make your Facebook chat more interesting, more funnier!
Thank You :
[[475121499197688]] [[475121502531021]] [[475121492531022]] [[475121489197689]] [[475121495864355]]
[[475121579197680]] [[475121572531014]] [[475121569197681]] [[475121575864347]] [[475121582531013]]
[[475121655864339]] [[475121659197672]] [[475121665864338]] [[475121669197671]] [[475121662531005]]
[[475121745864330]] [[475121742530997]] [[475121755864329]] [[475121752530996]] [[475121749197663]]
[[475121849197653]] [[475121845864320]] [[475121852530986]] [[475121842530987]] [[475121839197654]]
Good Night & Sweet Dreams :

[[487727011257891]] [[487727017924557]] [[487727014591224]] [[487727004591225]] [[487727007924558]] [[487727081257884]] [[487727084591217]] [[487727074591218]]
[[487727087924550]] [[487727077924551]] [[487727157924543]] [[487727164591209]] [[487727161257876]] [[487727154591210]] [[487727151257877]] [[487727227924536]]
[[487727231257869]] [[487727234591202]] [[487727224591203]] [[487727221257870]] [[487727297924529]] [[487727307924528]] [[487727311257861]] [[487727301257862]]
[[487727304591195]] [[487727394591186]] [[487727397924519]] [[487727401257852]] [[487727404591185]] [[487727407924518]] [[487727474591178]] [[487727471257845]]
You can get much more Hidden Facebook Smileys/Emotions and enjoy them during your chat with friends.
So have fun with these amazing hidden Facebook chat tricks and secrets of 2013 and make your Facebook chatting more interesting and effective! Your friends will be amazed by you, I bet!


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