Guntur Talkies Trailer: Not For The Faint Hearted

Guntur Talkies Trailer: Not For The Faint Hearted

The theatrical trailer of national award winning filmmaker Praveen Sattaru's latest film Guntur Talkies has been released by Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna just a while ago. The film has Sr Naresh, Shraddha Das, Siddu, Jabardasth Rashmi and Mahesh Manjrekar in pivotal roles.

The trailer starts off with a hilarious warning asking the viewers not to watch the trailer if they are under 18, heart patients, pregnant women, sensitive persons or just looking for controversies.

And the very first shot shows why the trailer is not like the usual ones we get to see every other day - Naresh and Siddu as Hari-Giri on cycles singing Ninnu Road Mida Chusinadi Lagayatu and discussing how our Telugu films are full of 'boothulu'.

Then, the lead actors are shown to be petty thieves. And enters Suvarna, the Slum Tease, played by the hottie Rashmi. Siddu has a steamy affair with Suvarna. So steamy that it actually has a passionate lip lock.

Then splashes the film's villain Jackie, played by a ruffian Mahesh Manjrekar who doesn't shy away from uttering filthy words. Hari-Giri unknowingly get entangled in a tiff with Jackie's henchmen.

And finally, comes the gun wielding Revolver Rani, played by the sultry hot Shradda Das, a sex maniac who is also involved in the gang war. One needs to watch the complete film to know what unravels in the complete story.

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