Brahmotsavam overseas rights getting a bumper offer


The most craziest tollywood hero in the overseas can be names as Mahesh babu. His movies reach the 1 million mark. Among the 5 telugu movies which reached the 1 million mark, there is srimanthudu which crossed the 2 million mark. It has collected more than 18 crores in the US.
Because of this craze, a top distributor of the US has come forward to buy brahmotsavam rights for 13 crores. But, PVP has not yet taken a decision. This is the highest amount so far for telugu movies. If this deal is closed, brahmotsavam would break the record and be the first movie to break the record. This movie is being directed by srikanth addala who directed seetamma vakotlo irimale chettu. Samantha kajal and pranitha are the heroines of the movie.


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