Apple drops price of iPhone 6S in India ahead of X-Mas

Apple drops price of iPhone 6S in India ahead of X-Mas

With the holiday season soon approaching, Cupertino-based Apple has decided to slightly reduce the price of the newly launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in India. Remember,India is the most expensive place to buy an iPhone in the world and now the company has made its flagship device a little more affordable in India.
Already, the company is running a few buy-back offers on e-retail websites making the phone easier to purchase, but in light of lukewarm sales, perhaps the company is adopting a more aggressive approach in light of Christmas and New Year holidays. The new iPhones are available with retailers between Rs.52,000 and Rs.55,000. While there is no official price cut as such, this kind of discount wouldn't be possible without the approval of Apple.
This is also in line with what Apple had planned for India. Apple had planned a minor price cut for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus for January something which sources had revealed to back in October when the phone was launched in India.
The iPhone 6s was launched in India for a starting price of Rs.62,000 and went all the way up to Rs.92,000 for the top of the line 128GB iPhone 6S Plus.
Even back at launch, retailers told demand was lower for the new iPhones as the price was prohibitive. For Apple, it was a case of covering up for the fluctuating exchange rate between Rupee and the US Dollar. It was also a case of covering for some of the increases in India taxes.
While all this happened, Apple also slashed the price of the iPhone 5S, which can be bought on e-retail websites for as low as Rs.22,000. The iPhone 6 has also gone through a round of price cuts, which was part of Apple's plan as it wanted to push the sales of the year-old iPhone 6 model in India


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