9 Insanely Cool Things That You Can Find On OLX

1. This vintage camera. I didn't even know you could get your hands on one anymore.

2. A 100 year old Royal Navy Telescope. Woah!

3. A vintage 1 Pice coin from 1945. It's a collector's item. And it's selling at Rs. 90. What?

4. Own a piece of Bollywood history. Buy and frame this original movie poster for "Namak Haram."

5. Nostalgia alert! Someone's letting go of this Little Master gaming console for Rs.999. I would've given the guy a 1000 happily.

6. Royal Enfields are so mainstream. If you're really into biking history, you have to own a Yezdi.

7. A collection of 500 Raj Comics. For Rs. 16,000. That's right. Five. Freaking. Hundred.


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