15 Crazy Facts From History They Never Taught You In School

1. The world's shortest war lasted for less than an hour!

2. General Hooker brought "hookers" for his men

3. Kim Jong-il is a musician too

4. Knocker-ups served as alarms, back in the day

5. Foot binding was a sign of femininity!

6. The largest living organism is a giant mushroom

7. There is an underwater pyramid

8. Stalin gave birth to Photoshop!

9.  Heroin used to be medicine

10. Mozart wrote kinky music!

11. Franklin Roosevelt wore dresses till he was 6-7

12. Sideburns were named after Mr Burnsides! 

13. The vibrator was initially created to cure hysteria in women!

14. Russians trained dogs to attack German tanks

15. The Russian concept of "friendly-fire"


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