Learn How To Become A Free Software Hacker With Simple Programming Skills!

G Free software is the most popular trend, not just for programming though. While knowing a programming language is quite important, if you follow some simple tips, then you can become a free software hacker too. Here are the steps:
Step 1: 
You need a good Unix distribution as GNU or Linux is the most popular system for hacking.
Step 2: 
Learn how to use the command line as you can utilise Unix like systems with command lines fully.
Step 3: 
The more you will learn about programming languages, the more you'll grow. You should know at least one system language like C and Java and one scripting language like Python, Ruby and Perl.
Step 4: 
Learn Eclipse to increase your productivity.
Step 5: 
Learn to use advanced editors like VI or Emacs.
Step 6: 
Version control learning will also prove beneficial for you in order to create and apply patches.
Step 7: 
You can also find a small free software project which you can use easily with your experience.
Step 8: 
If you have already selected a project then you need to contact the administrator for the same.
Step 9: 
After working on the project for several months and learning every bit of it, aim for something bigger, like your own Free software or open source project.
Step 10: 
Don't be afraid of the shortcomings and go for conferences to improve your skills and keep doing research on the web.
Step 11: 
Complete your project, perform some automatic tests and meet some real-time hackers to learn about the ethical tricks.
Step 12: 
For better understanding, involve in a practical development work of a free software project and your useful skills will be enough to bring out the hacker from you.


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