GoPro launches licensing site to help users sell clips

GoPros are a popular drone add-on, so the new site may become a relatively cheap place to buy aerial footage

GoPro has launched a new site to help video-makers license their footage.

The firm suggests advertisers and news providers will be among those keen to pay for the rights to use clips and stills captured by its action cameras.

The US company said that videos would start at $1,000 (£640) for six months' use, and that it planned to take a cut - but did not disclose how much.

One expert said it was further evidence of the "blurring of lines between amateur and professional content".

"Some of the clips that are being produced on GoPro devices are almost professional broadcast quality," added Ian Maude from the research firm Enders AnalysisThis new licensing portal creates a platform for creative GoPro users to market their videos and may also encourage a new generation to pick up the firm's camcorders and get filming."

The service provides an alternative to video streaming sites including YouTube, where people can make money from their clips by adding adverts, and mirrors the photo licensing service provided by platforms including 500px and EyeEm.

The licensing portal builds on the work GoPro has already done to showcase user-generated clips on its main site

For now, GoPro is limiting access to its service to pre-approved users for both the purchase and sale of footage.

New applicants must join a waiting list although a spokeswoman told the BBC the firm intended to relax its restrictions soon.

"We have a lot of athlete-generated content and some other very exciting footage, so the ability for marketers and creative professionals to just be able to search for the content that they want and get it that rather than having to shoot it themselves [should be] a no-brainer," she added.

At launch, 603 videos are on offer, some of which are in the 4K ultra-high-definition format.

Clips can be previewed before purchase, but are watermarked to prevent them being misappropriated.


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