Google's self-driving car crashes, 14th accident in six years

With over 30 lakh km travelled over a span of six years this is the first accident that reportedly involves an injury

Google's self-driving car recently met with a crash reportedly injuring three of its occupants for the first time. This marks the 14th time Google's autonomous cars have been involved in a crash in the past six years.

The crash occurred near the company's Mountain View, CA, headquarters. Three employees in the Google car suffered minor injuries, while the driver of the other car complained of neck and back pain.

In California, a person must be behind the wheel of a self-driving car being tested on public roads to take control in an emergency. Google typically sends another employee in the front passenger seat to record details of the ride on a laptop. In this case, there was also a back seat passenger.

In this crash, a Google Lexus SUV stopped at an intersection behind two other cars. It was rear-ended by another car travelling approximately 27kmph, according to a report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Lexus’ rear bumper was slightly damaged while the car that hit it lost its front bumper.

The driverless cars are among several ambitious projects that Google has been funding outside its primary business of Internet search and advertising.


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